Solo Music x Live Artist Showcase Performance and Interview from Miami

One recurring thought in our minds throughout these challenging times is that no matter how far apart we’ve felt at times, we’ve never felt closer. We’re honoured to have brought worked hard with so many talented people to help create solutions to prevent the total cancellation of planned events.

One aspect in particular we’ve been working hard developing, is completely remote production workflow solutions for engaging live content delivery. Recently we were honoured to have the opportunity to again ramp it up and put it to the test with PMA Records LLC, Solo Music Agency and RCM to deliver a live artist showcase for one of the most exciting upcoming US pop acts.

Taylor Castro delivered a stunning performance live from Miami, FL as well as live conversation with John Giddings and Ben Jones in London on set prior to the performance. Taylor was due to be performing in the UK during the same week for potentially career-changing promotional activity so we developed a solution to still bring the action.

A still frame taken from the broadcasted live stream, whilst the artist is on a live video call for a Q&A with Ben Jones (Virgin Radio UK).

Full HD multi-cam setup with a light crew in a performance studio in Miami, Stream & Producer in Liverpool and a Director in London, all in both a real-time and low latency workflow. The stream was hosted on a private landing experience page, where invitees only could watch in on a broadcast quality viewing experience.

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