Twitch’s first ever completely live Virtual Festival in 2019 featured in 3 pages in Music Week

One of our productions was featured on a huge breakdown in one of the music industries leading trade publications Music Week on Monday. Speaking with some of the music artists involved as well as Twitch and Columbia Records (Sony); industry veteran Paul Sexton broke down the event and discussed the opportunities that lie on there for music on this exciting platform.

We created an ‘Online Music Festival’ on Twitch that pulled together talent that was situated around the world in to a single 3 hour live interactive broadcast. From building custom built RTMP cloud streaming servers to moderating through the seemingly endless reams of emoji’s in chat, this was a challenging task. It’s like setup of traditional live broadcast, but you’re also giving each viewer an input and voice in real-time as it’s happening. That’s what makes it special like no other platform.

The results over the course of the broadcast were beyond expectations at 569,126 unique viewers with an average concurrent viewership of around 15k. Not to mention over 2500+ new followers for the channel and hundreds of new paying monthly subscribers to their channel.

Grab a copy or reach out to us if you’d like to hear more about the full 3 page report or talk to us about Twitch.