VR Glastonbury to Weekly Backstage Online Talk Shows with The Alabama 3

For the past 9 shows, Level8 have been producing ‘And The Band Played On‘, a live, unfiltered interactive music talk show in podcast form. Featuring the artists and friends of a newly launched record label, we worked with Submarine Cat to create a solution to launch the label that gave both them as a brand and the artists a platform to reach fans and music lovers.

Creating a new format for the label allows their content to become more of an experience of moments as opposed to just putting up a pre-recorded video up.

Custom skinned layout with lower thirds, logos

Every week we focus on a particular topic in the music world, from greatest albums through to live gigs. We were tasked weekly with devising a campaign strategy for promotion and overall production of the show. A few weeks back we ran an Alabama 3 special (MKF: Sopranos Theme Tune), which was cross-posted on social and generated and overall viewership of 20k+ unique viewers.

Another being was when they were performing at Lost Horizon festival, a VR experience that emulated the Glastonbury experience virtually, we created a special show that combined the performance with a backstage after show experience with Larry Love, the front man of the band.

Live streaming and real-time content creation from the artists’ themselves is now a key aspect of the labels content strategy, delivering weekly entertainment to thousands online a week.

If you’ve got an idea to reach an audience, we’d love to lend an ear, get in touch.