Transforming an annual conference in London, into a live virtual multi-room experience.

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We were tasked by the team at the Association Of Independent Music to help deliver a solution to prevent their event (AIM Sync 2020) from being completely cancelled due to COVID-19. Scheduled to be held at the Barbican, London on the 30th March 2020, we worked with AIM to transform the entire event in to a completely virtual, interactive experience whilst retaining as much of the original content as possible.

Consisting of 4 individual features, the conference was laid out exactly how it was going to be in the individual rooms at The Barbican.

Arena 1 & Arena 2 hosted live streamed interactive panels of up to 4 speakers and moderators, where delegates had the ability to have their questions asked live by the panelists and have their opinions asked of them.

Whilst Arena 3 (Listening Sessions) gave delegates the opportunity to present their music to industry music sync experts to receive invaluable feedback on the likeliness of sync in their fields.

Arena 4 (Speed Networking Sessions) consisted of virtual 1-1 meet-ups where delegates had a 10 minute video call with chosen experts to replicate that which would have happened over a table at The Barbican. We set up over 120 of these individual sessions giving delegates and experts a like the opportunity to form a relationship.


There were over 4,000 unique delegates from over 27 countries as a result of the virtual transformation and event now being free to access for AIM Members and those of the event partners as well (including main event sponsor Department for International Trade). We had over 700+ delegate unique interactions including questions and opinions taken, which were included in to the live discussions.

Speaking to Synchtank, Guy Lowman (Senior Events Manager at AIM) said
“It was about two weeks. Once the physical event was officially cancelled we started having a conversation with digital experience agency Level8 about the possibility of going virtual. We ended up partnering with them to put the event together and I can’t speak highly enough of them – they are incredible. The idea they had was to make it very similar to a TV show or TV station because we wanted to make it really immersive and visual.

“The response and feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and it really re-instilled our confidence that yes, we can do this and that we delivered something meaningful and of value.

I hope that what we delivered shows that a virtual event can stand firmly alongside a physical event in many respects. People can still be a part of something from their own homes, and that’s a wonderful thing. When times are hard it really makes you dig deep and I hope out of everything that’s going on, there will be some good that will come out of this.

Paul Pacifico (AIM CEO) said
It was great working with the Level8 team on this – we felt well advised and thoroughly supported throughout the process – huge thanks to everyone involved!

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